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Cwaninga Consulting (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2011 by Vukani Sokhela alongside a team of skilled development planners and project managers who at the time were working together on a demand basis.

The word “Cwaninga” is a Zulu term for “research”. We believe that the first, most critical action when seeking a way forward is to find out more, to Cwaninga, so as to make an informed and insightful way forward to your endeavour.

We are a professional services company with an unabridged commitment to ensuring development in Africa, its diverse people, its business community, and the productive soft and hard infrastructure.

Economic Development & Planning

Infrastructure Planning & Construction Support

Management Consulting Services

Our Values


To develop cutting edge ideas around economic development.

Empowerment & Sustainability

To equip local communities with the necessary skills to determine their own development and to provide forward looking solutions.


To conduct ourselves in the most professional manner when dealing with our clients.


To take responsibility of our actions which influence our clients decisions.


To network with individuals and organizations which share similar objectives and values.


To act with honesty and transparency.

Quality & Service Excellence

To produce services which are of the highest standard.

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  • 1st Floor, Gateway West, Waterfall City, Allendale Road, Midrand 3652
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